Hailing from Vallejo, California you can often hear the bay area influenced bounce and lingo combined with sultry acoustic guitars and island riddims in Tessie’s music. Tessie has been exposed to music her entire life. Covering hit songs by the beatles and more with her father at just the tender age of 2, Tessie was destined to sing. With a musician and instrumentalist as a father, Tessie began to dabble with instruments herself. She began covering some of her favorite songs on YouTube while playing the ukelele. Despite her heavy exposure to rock from her father and kuya (older brother) she eventually gravitated towards artist like JoJo, Alicia Keys and Jazmine Sullivan to name a few.

Tessie’s music could be best described as a soundtrack to the life of the everyday girl stuck in her 20 somethings. Offering the nostalgic vibes of early 2000’s R&B, she also has a very modern, melodic, and fun way of delivering her feelings. She could get quite eventful with the cadences and flows she opts to use in some of her tracks. Tessie’s music possesses a very intimate and vulnerable feel. She has a way of placing you right in her sandals for the duration of the song. It’s almost as if she uses songwriting as a method of taking accountability and healing her wounds. She does extremely well at turning her insecurities into art and putting them on display for the listener.

Tessie has been working the past few years at finding herself and along with that came a sound and style solely of her own. In 2017 she began releasing music as part of a duo with rapper / best friend Tota under the name WeAreYou. Garnering mild success following a few releases such as their single Shhhlide which currently sits at over half a million streams on Spotify, Tessie began to create more and set out to establish a lane as a solo artist as well.

Tessie just recently released her debut single titled, “Rude Boy” on January 28th following a headlining show in the Bay Area which she calls home. On the surface Rude Boy is a fun melodic record with commercial appeal but when you dive past the soothing vocals and airy guitars into the lyrics it’s a perfect example of Tessie’s ability to make something as serious and vulnerable as her relationship woes and struggles with self-love into a fun enjoyable experience for the listener. Opening the track with the line, “I thought I was done messing with you, but you found your way back up in my room” Tessie immediately sets the scene and tone of the track where she talks about her struggles dealing with a toxic lover.

Tessie is positioning herself to have an eventful year! With the help of her team and family Tessie is building a solid foundation for herself already accumulating a fan base at home in. Tessie lives by her favorite quote, “Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen” by Dr. Sukhraj Dhillon. Something wonderful definitely happens when you listen to Tessie’s music.


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